A Far Horizon

Published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London 2001
Reissued by Marshall Cavendish, Singapore 2020.

India in 1756 is a country on the brink of Empire. In Calcutta, the grandiose buildings of White Town, settled about Fort William and the activities of the East India Company, are in stark contrast to the bustle of native Black Town across the Maratha Ditch.  The events of this momentous year will settle forever the colonial history of India.  As yet, however, both Indian Black Town and British White Town are under the rule of Siraj Uddaulah, the hot-headed young nawab in Murshidabad whose name is linked forever with the notorious incident of the Black Hole of Calcutta.

The novel explores not only the events that led up to that incident but the lives of a town divided by race and culture and the prejudices that would soon, after the Battle of Plassey, grow unchecked in the era of Empire.

‘Chand tells the story in a direct and compelling manner. The prose sweeps forward, and she evokes the period beautifully…effortlessly…’

Telegraph 9th June 2001


‘….Chand writes impressively…’

The Times. 13th June 2001.


‘…gripping…Chand writes with vivid intensity. This rich and powerful novel is a wonderful historical epic and a poignant account of human suffering.’

The Good Book Guide 1st February 2003