Meira Chand

Recipient of the 2023 Cultural Medallion, Singapore’s highest accolade for artistic achievement, Meira Chand lives between East and West, between a multiplicity of cultural identities. Her novels reflect her search for self and belonging. From England to Japan, India to Singapore, her life straddles the world. Her many novels, set against the backdrop of the diverse cultures she has lived in, mirror her journey to pin down the experience of these different cultures upon her, and her relationship to them. The search for home and the search for self are inexplicably entwined in her work.
Meira Chand - Author


The Pink White and Blue Universe by Meira Chand book cover

The Pink White and Blue Universe (2023)

Sacred Waters (2018)

A Different Sky (2010)

The LKY Musical

Story by Meira Chand
The LKY Musical Meira Chand



Newsletter – March 2023

At long last, I have collected together my Indian, short stories for publication in a volume. I call these stories, my orphans, because they have lived many years in obscurity. Every writer has things that live in the gloom at the back of a drawer, whole novels, short...

Encore for a great man

In The LKY Musical, I discovered the human being behind any life of unremitting power is better understood if common human emotions can be found and explored. September 2022Connection with an audience is what completes a cycle of communication for any creative person...

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