The LKY Musical

Based on a story by Meira Chand, and one of the most successful homegrown Singaporean shows of all-time, The LKY Musical, has had two triumphant runs in Singapore, in 2015 and again in 2022. During its two runs it was watched by over 120,000 people, Lee Kuan Yew’s life is the story of Singapore and The LKY Musical tells that story, from Mr Lee’s student days in 1941 to Singapore’s independence in 1965. It is an inspiring tale of idealism, war, intrigue, betrayal, loyalty, of facing hardship head-on, and overcoming insurmountable challenges.

The musical is the work of an international team of artists – with music by Singapore’s iconic musician and composer, Dick Lee; lyrics by Laurence Olivier Award winner Stephen Clark; script by Tony Petito; and directed by veteran London West End director Steven Dexter. It stars Singapore’s best loved actor, Adrian Pang, in the role of Lee Kuan Yew, with Sharon Aung as Mrs Lee in the first production, and Kit Chan taking that role in the second run. The production was presented by Aiwei and Singapore Repertory Theatre.

Meira Chand has written about how she came to write The LKY Musical, and the stressful journey of its production and eventual opening, in the face of many odds.

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